Impact Partners

“As a Black male educator in Arkansas, I know the disparities between Black students being hit at school as opposed to their White peers is alarming. We have all of this data that proves hitting children at school has adverse effects yet we still do it. It’s time Arkansas moves past these archaic educational practices. This will be dirty work that will rub some Arkansans the wrong way… but it’s necessary work.”

~ Jeffrey

AASP Board Member

Teach Plus Arkansas’ mission is to empower excellent, experienced, and diverse teachers to take leadership over key policy and practice issues that advance equity, opportunity, and student success.
Through their programs, teachers from across the state learn how policy is made and how it impacts their classroom. We provide teachers with training and opportunities to change and influence policies at the school, district, and state level.

Founded by Yolanda Williams, Parenting Decolonized offers racial justice education and Positive Discipline Coaching, empowering parents with tools to decolonize their mindsets and divest from white supremacy in order to raise the next generation of emotionally-well, liberated, free-thinkers and in the process, form deeper more intentional relationships with their children.
Incorporated in 1994, Nollie Jenkins Family Center’s (NJFC) initial design intentionally sought to create an inclusive setting that would provide safe, affordable and quality childcare for children from birth until five, and afterschool and summer programming for middle and high school students.
Lives in the Balance advocates for our most vulnerable kids, and helps caregivers see them through more accurate, productive lenses and intervene in evidence-based ways that are collaborative, proactive, non-punitive, non-exclusionary, and effective.
The Arkansas Citizens First Congress is a multi-issue and non-partisan coalition of organizations who work together for progressive changes in state policy. Coalition members come from all corners of the state and work on many different issues.
The U.S. Alliance to End the Hitting of Children was founded in 2011 to bring together individuals and organizations who want to see an end to corporal punishment – an antiquated and dangerous form of disciplining a child.